College Workshops

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Department strategic planning
Day-long workshop that helps department identify its strengths and challenges, and set goals and objectives for next 3 years.

Designing student outcomes assessment
Half-day workshop designed to help a department identify the student outcomes that are central to its mission and educational goals and then develop appropriate, sustainable ways to measure how well these goals are reached.

Active learning strategies
An interactive workshop designed to illustrate both the reasons for using active learning strategies and practical examples of their applications.

Rethinking Courses to Be Inclusive
Simply adding more material to already packed courses is often impossible.  How then, can instructors  respond to the trends in the field to internationalize their courses, be inclusive of women, ethinic and racial minorities, and "new" areas of study ?

Department Self-Studies
Is the dean pressing you for a self-study as part of a departmental periodic review or reaccreditation effort?  Do you need to know where you have been in order to begin planning for where you would like to go?  Departments will finish this workshop with a  step-by-step plan tailored to their unique situation, identifying the data they need (and how to get it).


Reasonable Professional Fees, scaled with the small institution in mind.