Services for Museums:

fleur de lis

Policy Drafting
Accession/Deaccession Policies
Consult with staff and board, draft policy, provide training session on policy  - 1/2 day
$150* plus travel  costs

Collection Policies
Consult with staff and board, survey collection, draft policy and provide training  1-day
$250* plus travel  costs

Publication Policies
Consult with staff and board and then draft policy covering kinds of publications, copyright ownership, author's fees or royalties, reprints - 1/2 day
$150* plus travel  costs

Volunteer Handbooks
Consult with staff, review museum site procedures.  Produce reprintable and easy-to-update looseleaf notebook containing historical background, detailed procedures on opening,  closing, sales, interpretation, guidelines for dealing with public, appropriate dress, community information and resources, information on board of directors. - Time variable Will give quote based on $250/ day plus travel  costs

fleur de lis
Historical Advising
Research and Bibliographies
Research for exhibits, documentation of collection items, custom pamphlets.
Bids done upon request

Review of Programs/Interpretation
Survey of exisiting interpretation and programs for historical accuracy and use of latest research.  Recommendations or rewriting of materials as necessary
Will give quote based on $250/ day plus travel  costs


* $50 discount if two or more services contracted